Marta Maria Casetti

Aug 18, 2016

Well, I’m back

I’m not exactly sure of how I got here.

Well, technically, I do. Here’s a quick recap of what happened between January 2015 and today.

  1. I moved home. Three times. Now we’re set in a beautiful place in south-east London.
  2. The aforementioned “we” reached ten years of marriage.
  3. There’s also a cat in the house. Her name is Rey.
  4. I take it as a good omen that the new Star Wars movie is good. There’s been a good number of coincidences between my life and Star Wars.
  5. I got my MPhil. Here’s the thesis.
  6. I became the curatrix of this website [Italian]. This is the editorial where I propose my plans [Italian again, but there are nice pictures and Google translate isn’t always that bad].
  7. I plunged into depression again. I’ve been told it happens, when your life changes a lot in little more than one year.
  8. I’m probably getting back on my feet. I hope. Anyway, I think I’m in a better place.
  9. I gave a talk at the amazing geekfest Nine Worlds. You can find the slides and the handouts here.
  10. I was also on the panel My Fave Is Problematic — Or How I Learnt To Stop Worrying And Love Joss Whedon, and I still can’t believe I did it.

So: why a website again? Even worse: a blog?

Short answer: I want to have what I do in one place, and I want it to be mine.

Longer answer with possibly TMI: even if I haven’t exactly figured out my life yet, I feel that what I’m doing is finally worth something. Not much, but enough not to leave it to Tumblr, Medium, Google, long chains of tweets. All of that is not mine (in a copyright sense too) and it gets lost in a very short time. A simple static website1 sounds safer.

And maybe collecting everything in one place will help me with that figuring out that’s still painfully missing.

So, here’s how I got back, more or less. There’s probably something I haven’t said, or even realised.

Now I’m going for the fake it until you make it approach, and I’ll see where I’ll be in August 2017. I’m very curious about it.

  1. This website uses Pelican, with theme pelican-blue slightly tweaked. If you know a bit of Python, Pelican is a very nice tool. Incidentally, I found out that programming in Python is more like riding a bicycle than I expected.