Looking for some maths?

Here’s some maths, of both the pop and the academic variety.

The pop stuff

Nine Worlds 2016

Annotated version of the slides of my talk at the wonderful geekfest Nine Worlds in August 2016.

The handouts.

Two proofs of the contraposition theorem.

The academic stuff

The 2016 thesis provides an extension of the result in the article to all labelings, regardless of parity.

(2016) M.M.Casetti, Complexity of the Gale String Problem for Equilibrium Computation in Games; MPhil Thesis, London School of Economics and Political Science.

(2010) M.M.Casetti, J.Merschen, B.von Stengel, Finding Gale Strings; published in Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 36, 1065-1072.